Use of Artificial Intelligence in the dissemination of information

Dr. Anthea Seles, MAS, PhD

Dr Anthea Seles is currently a Project Delivery Manager at Artefactual System Inc. She joined the company in March 2022 and she oversees the team responsible for technical implementation projects connected to the company’s two key software offerings: Access to Memory (AtoM) and Archivematica. She holds a Doctorate in Archives and Records Management (2016) from University College London (London, UK), a Masters in Archival Studies (2003), from the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, BC) and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (2001) from Queen’s University (Kingston, ON).

She has worked for a number of organizations in Canada and internationally in strategic and operational delivery. Working for organizations such as the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vancouver and the International Records Management Trust. Most notably in 2014, she joined The National Archives (TNA) as the Digital Transfer Manager,  she implemented one of the first digital transfer processes and oversaw government digital records transfers coming from departments to TNA. At TNA, she was also part of a team that began testing the applications of machine learning for sensitivity review and appraisal and selection. And then in 2018, she was appointed the Secretary General for the International Council on Archives, where she was an advisor to senior administration and coordinated the work of the ICA Secretariat and volunteers. She also spearheaded along with the Elected Officers the strategic and constitutional review of the ICA (2018-2021).

Keynote “This talk will look at the application of artificial intelligence in identifying and organising information holdings for information governance and discoverability. The ultimate goal of the presentation is to give participants practical and actionable insights into using off-the-shelf machine-learning software in their day to day work.”

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