What makes an Information Governance policy strategic and successful?

Lewis Eisen

Lewis S Eisen JD CIP is the leading authority on the use of respectful language in policy drafting. He draws on 40 years’ experience as a practising lawyer, business consultant, IM specialist and federal civil servant. His international bestseller How to Write Rules that People Want to Follow: A guide to drafting respectful policies and directives, is now in its third edition and his approach to drafting policies using respectful language has been adopted at organizations across the US, Canada, and Europe.  Lewis is the winner of the ARMA International Britt Literary Award for 2020.

Keynote: As the volume of information increases in our organizations, we are forced to expand our Records and Information Management policies to deal with new challenges. But to succeed, your RIM rules need buy-in from everyone involved. Whether you call them "policies," "directives," or simply “guidelines," rules are not effective when they sound like angry parents scolding naughty children. The tension created by poorly drafted rules has a palpable impact on employee morale, and shows up as complaints, resistance, or outright non-compliance.

Your organization will have better compliance with its RIM program when it forms part of a positive employee experience overall. This session looks at what we can do to move in that direction.

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